Sandwich panel

The sandwich panel is a system that helps protect buildings from
external factors, and provides practical and economic solutions to establish a strong structure. The sandwich panel is used as a
fortified, light and modern auxiliary factor to cover the roofs and
facades of buildings, in addition to its use to achieve sound and
thermal insulation or to establish cold stores.
The sandwich panel is also used in all sides of the building and its
roofs to protect against external factors, as its lining is produced
with thick and low-density insulation materials between two thin
metal surfaces with high density. These panels are produced in
continuous lines, ready for installation directly, and despite their
low weight, they have the ability to bear very large weights.
Different insulating materials must be selected according to the
requirements of the building. Sandwich panels are produced in all
types of insulation, including PUR, PIR, rock wool and EPS. You
can choose the appropriate sandwich panel for your buildings by
evaluating it according to your requirements related to building
heat, sound insulation, and fire resistance.

Sheet iron

The company produces corrugated iron sheets, which are
made of galvanized or colored iron according to standard
specifications, starting from 3 mm up to 8 mm in thickness,
which can be used in the work of coverings and cladding for
metal facilities and buildings